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Muslim demonstration, Sofia, 1989

Posted on 04 October 2009 by admin

Muslims  demonstrate in Sofia for recognition of their Turkish names, which were forcibly Bulgarianized by the Communist regime. The new government acceded to the demand on 29 December 1989

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Rocka Rolla Women and Rocka Rolla Men

Posted on 10 September 2009 by admin

A Madonna concert in Sofia sparks reflections on rock and pop’s role in the revolution.

By Boyko Vassilev

National Stadium had rarely seen such a crowd. When Madonna appeared, the shouts of 60,000 people erupted. The concert of concerts, which made this 29 August unforgettable for many Bulgarians, began with ticking video clocks and with her, the Queen of Pop, on a throne, receiving the ovation of the obsessed. Continue reading …

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