Photo by Rachel Titiriga

Welcome to TOL: 20 Years After, home of Transitions Online’s special coverage marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of Iron Curtain. Here you’ll find articles, essays, videos and other material related to the revolutions of 1989 in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania, and to the state of democracy, culture and civil society in the region today.

In the months to come the focus of this site will broaden to take in the fights for freedom and the bloody ethnic strife unleashed by the Soviet reforms, democratization and disintegration in the Balkans, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and, most importantly, the way the events of 1989 to 1991 continue to resonate across Europe and Asia today – in politics and government, in art and commerce, in the everyday lives of everyday people.

As often as possible we hope to bring you those people’s stories and views in their own voices and words, and we invite you to share yours as well, in the medium of your choice. Contact us at 1989@tol.org or visit our Facebook page to learn more.